What is Colleges Ontario?

Colleges Ontario is the advocacy organization for the province’s 24 colleges of applied arts and technology.

Colleges Ontario is committed to the future strength of the province and the country. We advance policies and awareness campaigns to ensure Ontario produces the highly skilled workforce that is essential to our province’s prosperity.

We are committed to an Ontario where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


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What's New?

New provincewide agreement lets business students transfer full years' credits

A breakthrough agreement helps save time and cut costs for Ontario college business students who transfer to another college.

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Ontario honours outstanding college graduates

Seven exceptional colleges graduates were honoured with the 2014 Premier's Awards for their contributions to the province and the world.

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Fanshawe College's past president earns lifetime achievement award

Fanshawe College president emeritus Howard Rundle has received the 2014 Minister's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Barrie Examiner - Expand college degrees to tackle youth unemployment

Ontario must expand the range of career-focused degree programs at colleges, says Georgian College president MaryLynn West-Moynes.

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Huffington Post - Canada can help the unemployed by focusing on colleges

The OECD has confirmed that colleges drive post-secondary success rates, says Linda Franklin, the president and CEO of Colleges Ontario.

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More than 83 per cent of college graduates find work within six months

Statistics show that college education continues to be an excellent route to employment.

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November 24, 2014

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