What is Colleges Ontario?

Colleges Ontario is the advocacy organization for the province’s 24 colleges of applied arts and technology.

Colleges Ontario is committed to the future strength of the province and the country. We advance policies and awareness campaigns to ensure Ontario produces the highly skilled workforce that is essential to our province’s prosperity.

We are committed to an Ontario where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


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What's New?

More than 83 per cent of college graduates find employment within six months

New data released today confirmed that a large majority of college graduates continue to find jobs shortly after they graduate.

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Toronto Sun - Let colleges grant degrees

A column by Centennial College president Ann Buller says colleges should be allowed to offer three-year degrees and expand their range of four-year degree programs.

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Toronto Star - Schools take on skills shortage

The career-focused programs at Ontario's colleges are helping to address the skills mismatch.

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Ottawa Citizen - Ontario's colleges urge MPPs to address youth unemployment

Tackling the skills mismatch must be a priority for politicians at Queen’s Park.

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Toronto Star – Ontario college enrolment jumps

Enrolment in full-time college programs is at its highest level ever with a five per cent increase in first-year enrolment this year.

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Ontario colleges' 2014-15 funding submission

The colleges’ submission to government, Investing in a Stronger Workforce, recommends measures to produce a highly skilled and qualified workforce to help close the skills mismatch.

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Ontario's Colleges: Creating a Highly Skilled Workforce for the New Economy

This report highlights the achievements of the colleges’ labour-market training in preparing people for successful careers.

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Windsor Star - The three-year degree

Ontario can help close the skills gap by allowing colleges to offer three-year degrees, says St. Clair College president John Strasser.

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