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Transforming Higher Education

United States


The Brookings Institute is one of the oldest think tanks in the U.S. In May 2009 they released Brookings Institution Blueprint for American Prosperity Transforming America's Community Colleges: A Federal Policy Proposal to Expand Opportunity and Promote Economic Prosperity, which raises concerns about how low postsecondary education (PSE) attainment rates in the U.S., particularly those of community colleges, are compromising efforts to build a robust economy.


The authors call for the federal government to invest in community colleges as a means of driving economic growth. With approximately 45 per cent of U.S. college students enrolled in community colleges, enrolment growth in these publicly funded institutions has outpaced enrolment growth in any other type of PSE institution. The Institute calls for imporved government toprovide financial resources to community colleges and to set national PSE attainment goals and performance measures.


The full report is available here.



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