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Transforming Higher Education

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The July 2009 issue of an OECD higher education newsletter featured the story, Systemic Innovation, The Response of Vocational Education and Training to the Crisis, suggesting that in an economic crisis, governments should resist the urge to cut vocational education and training (VET ) system funding. In a policy brief, OECD argues that a country's ability to protect against unemployment is tied to its VET system and that governments should include VET in their crisis response strategies.

Five guiding elements are given to support VET innovation at a systemic level:

  1. A clear policy to support VET research in light of national priorities, at both policy and practitioner levels;
  2. An evolving framework for sustaining both top-down and bottom up innovations in VET;
  3. A unified knowledge base that includes both VET research evidence and new knowledge emerging from the assessment of innovations, including links to international knowledge on these topics;
  4. Ongoing synthesis and dissemination of new knowledge on effective VET policies and practices for the purposes of challenging the status quo and contributing to incremental change; and
  5. Capacity building (structural, personal) to enable all elements.

The full report is available here.





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