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European Union - Denmark

In December 2009, the E.U. Commission invited member states to participate in policy discussions on the future of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs post 2010. Denmark's Reflections on the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs beyond 2010: Denmark’s Non-paper (2009) recommends that five key strategies of the Lisbon Process be the basis for the development of action plans to tackle the economic crisis and attain the E.U.'s long -term goals. Five key strategies and some of Denmark's reflections are provided below:

  1. Deepening the internal market - a well integrated market will result in more jobs, growth and competitiveness. EU should maintain its long-term goal of increasing labour market flexibility by removing internal trade barriers while at the same time preventing irregular migration. It should also sustain its strong social system, put consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at the centre of policies, and reduce unnecessary administrative burden.
  2. Enhancing knowledge and innovation - a knowledge-based economy depends on information and communication technology (ICT). Despite the economic challenges ahead, targeted investment in ICT should be sustained in order to strengthen the E.U.'s competitive position in global markets.
  3. Making growth green - E.U.'s early adoption of climate and energy policies have set an international standard. Member states should continue to make environmental sustainability strategies a priority to ensure that growth does not occur at the expense of future generations.
  4. A strengthened external dimension - to strengthen global economic development and protect the EU's social and environmental standards, states need to promote E.U. standards and norms , including promoting common standards for trade agreements.
  5. Reinforced governance structure - to facilitate implementation of E.U. reforms by member states. Denmark also suggests that individual states need to be more open to ranking according to relevant indicators as well as possible comparisons to other jurisdictions.

The report is available here.



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