Policy positions

Colleges Ontario produces policy positions on key issues, from economic competitiveness to education policies to the workforce needs in the health-care system.

Budget Submissions

2018-19 funding submission

New Hope in Uncertain Times, the Ontario colleges’ submission to government for the 2018 provincial budget, calls for the government to invest in the renewal of college education to ensure the province has the highly qualified workforce that will be essential in a new age of accelerating automation.

2017-18 funding submission

Reaching New Heights in an Age of Disruption, the college sector's submission for the 2017 Ontario Budget, calls for a robust commitment to the long-term sustainability of high-quality college programs throughout the province.

2016-17 funding submission

Building on a 50-Year Legacy of Excellence, the college sector's submission for the 2016 Ontario Budget, highlights priority areas such as fostering innovation and investing in a successful system for the next 50 years.

2015-16 funding submission

Creating Greater Opportunities for All, the college sector's submission for the 2015 Ontario Budget, describes the investments needed to help address priority issues in Ontario such as youth unemployment and lifting more people out of poverty.

2014-15 funding submission

Investing in a Stronger Workforce recommends measures to government to produce a highly skilled and qualified workforce to help close the skills mismatch. The colleges are calling for the provincial government to use its 2014 budget to advance measures to transform higher education.

2013-14 funding submission

Producing the Workforce of the 21st Century: Ontario Colleges' Submission for the 2013 Budget outlines the funding needs of Ontario's 24 colleges. The 2013 Ontario Budget will play an essential part in ensuring the province has the qualified workforce it needs
for the years ahead.


2012-13 funding submission

Towards a Stronger Ontario Workforce: Ontario Colleges' Submission for the 2012 Budget outlines the funding needs of Ontario's 24 colleges. Ontario’s colleges continue to support the province’s goal to increase postsecondary attainment rates to at least 70 per cent and have worked with the government to improve access and graduation rates.