Ontario’s college system is committed to accountability and transparency. The colleges produce a number of documented results annually to ensure that students, parents and the public have reliable information.

Key Performance Indicators

Since 1998, colleges have been mandated by the Ontario government to collect and report performance data in five areas – graduate satisfaction, student satisfaction, employer satisfaction, employment rate, and graduation rate. Gathered by an independent research company, the KPI results show that Ontario’s colleges achieve consistently high results when measured by students, graduates and employers.

2017 - 18 Apprenticeship KPIs – English


2017 - 18 Apprenticeship KPIs – French


2017 KPI Survey Results - English


2017 KPI Survey Results - French


2016 - 17 Apprenticeship KPIs – English


2016 - 17 Apprenticeship KPIs – French


2016 KPI Survey Results - English


2016 KPI Survey Results - French


2015 KPI Survey Results - English


2015 KPI Survey Results - French