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  • Campus locations

  • Main campus
    1457 London Road
    Sarnia, ON
    N7S 6K4

  • Lambton College Employment and Learning Centre
    4248 Oil Heritage Road, Petrolia, ON
    N0N 1R0

  • Lambton College Industrial Fire School
    459 LaSalle Line
    Sarnia, ON
    N7T 7H5



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Ms. Judith Morris
President and CEO
519-541-2410, Fax: 519-541-2420


Administrative staff


Lianne Birkbeck

Executive Assistant and Governement Relations Advisor to the President and CEO and Board of Governors
519-542-7751 x3320, Fax: 519-541-2420


Senior staff


Margaret Dragan

Vice President, Finance & Administration
519-541-2428, Fax: 519-541-2420


Donna Church

Vice President, Academic

519-542-7751 ext. 2448, Fax: 519-541-2420


Spencer Dickson

Vice President, Corporate Performance and Employee Relations

519-542-7751 ext. 3627, Fax: 519-541-2420


Rob Kardas

Vice President, Student Success and Campus Services

519-542-7751 ext. 3390 / Fax: 519-541-2421

Patrick Bennett

519-542-7751 x3310, Fax: 519-541-2426




Cindy Buchanan

Senior Director, Marketing, Communications & Brand Development
519-542-7751 x3334, Fax: 519-541-2446


Board of Governors

Sandy Marshall
Chair, Board of Governors

Janice McMichael-Dennis, 1st Vice-Chair

Mark Hiseler, 2nd Vice-Chair