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  • Campus locations

  • Main campus
    Sutherland Campus

    599 Brealey Drive
    Peterborough, ON
    K9J 7B1

  • Frost Campus
    200 Albert Street
    P.O. Box 8000
    Lindsay, ON
    K9V 5E6

  • Haliburton Campus
    The Haliburton School of The Arts
    297 College Drive
    Haliburton, ON
    K0M 1S0

  • Cobourg Campus
    The Fleming Building
    1005 Elgin Street West
    Cobourg, ON
    K9A 5J4



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Maureen Adamson
705-749-5535, Fax: 705-749-5559

Administrative staff


Michele McFadden

Executive Secretary to President & Board Secretary
705-749-5558, Fax: 705-749-5559
Sutherland Campus

Sandra Armstrong

Administrative Assistant
705-749-5531, Fax: 705-749-5559
Sutherland Campus


Senior staff


Roger Fitch

Chief Information Officer
705-749-5530 x1225, Fax: 705-749-5559
Sutherland Campus


Brian Baker

VP, Finance and Administration
705-749-5530 x1435, Fax: 705-741-0431
Sutherland Campus


Sonia Crook

VP, Human Resources & Student Services
705-749-5530 x1338, Fax: 705-749-5522
Sutherland Campus


Tom Weegar

VP, Academic
705-749-5544, Fax: 705-749-5559
Sutherland Campus


Kristi Kerford

Associate Vice-President, Student Services

705-749-5530 x1032, Fax: 705-749-5536
Sutherland Campus

Drew Van Parys

Executive Director, Marketing & Advancement
705-749-5530 x1696, Fax: 705-749-5525
Sutherland Campus


Dr. Brent Wootton

Associate Vice-President Business Development, Applied Research, Government and Partner Relations
705-324-9144 x3226, Fax: 705-324-8805
Frost Campus




Laura Copeland

Communications Officer
705-749-5530 x1370, Fax: 705-749-5525
Sutherland Campus


Board of Governors


Lori Geens



Dana Merrett, Vice Chair

George Gillespie, 2nd Vice-Chair